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 Join in the fun once a year: Tutu Special Group 1111   

(Limited time limit)


Product portfolio:

  • Spring Vodka 700ml 40%   NT459

  • Formosa Superior White Rum 40%  NT520

  • Palace Gin Classic Edition 43% 700ml  NT459

  • Tutu Riding Dinosaur Gift Bag  x 2   NT100

  • ​ Bunny Glue Cup 320ml  x 10   NT100

  • Tutu Back Grass Mud Horse Bag Zhi Wenqing Bag x 1 NT499 

  • Bunny spoof wet wipes  x10 NT100

  • Tutu shot cup x 1 NT200

Original price: NT2437  ,  Offer: 1111  

7-11 pickup store inquiry

Alcohol products on this website cannot be sold to teenagers under the age of 18. Therefore, when you want to send an inquiry and want further information, please make sure that the orderer and the consignee are adults over the age of 18. If the service personnel and delivery personnel of this website are difficult to identify the age of the orderer or the consignee, they will ask the other party to provide proof documents, and please cooperate at that time.


• This website does not encourage or promote alcohol consumption. Do not drink underage. Excessive drinking is harmful to health. Do not drive after drinking.
• This website only provides product information, does not provide online transaction services, and cannot accept orders or complete order confirmations on the website. If you are interested in the products displayed on this website, please read this announcement carefully, and click "Send Confirmation Letter" to inquire. After the company receives your message, a customer service staff will email you.
• The company reserves the right to change the price, cancel or refuse the transaction at any time. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.


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