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我們是一間專為年輕世代生產與提供高品質酒精性飲料的公司,起源的釀酒廠就座落在兔子坑,在桃園被遺忘的山區, 酒廠成立于2005年 為第一代成立的民營酒厰.  品牌商標為一隻穿著西裝兔子,因此業界稱為兔子酒。 


我們在2013年重新改造酒廠,引進了最新型的20結連續回流蒸餾塔(Reflux Column Still),并且在設備加入上百個 IOT Sensor, 精準控制製酒的參數,此設備生產的酒品從2015至今在世界烈酒大賽連續5年 贏得大獎。  


冷泉伏特加 Spring Vodka 40%    

    - 連續5年 世界烈酒比賽SFWSC 銀牌獎 

spring vodka 冷泉伏特加

福爾摩莎蘭姆酒 Formosa Rum 40%     

 - 用台灣甘蔗糖蜜釀造,第一瓶被世界認可的 MIT蘭姆酒

Formosa Rum 福爾摩沙蘭姆酒

宮殿琴酒  Palace Gin 43%  

     - 2017 雙金 SFWSC 世界烈酒比賽冠軍Double Gold

Palace Gin 宮殿琴酒

龐妮維爾風味酒 Bunnyville Liqueur 


龐妮維爾荔枝酒, 龐妮維爾鳳梨酒, 龐妮維爾桑甚酒, 龐妮維爾梅子酒, 龐妮維爾蜂蜜酒, 龐妮維爾金桔酒


We are one of the top five distilleries in Taiwan known for various liquor brands: Spring Vodka, Formosa Rum, Palace Gin and Bunnyville Liqueurs. Our distillery is situated on a cold spring from which we draw our water source. Our cold spring water source gives our drinks their fresh, crisp and distinctive taste.

This cold spring was excavated on the mountainside of Taoyuan in 1940 during the Japanese occupation era. A coal mine was eventually developed in this area by the army and it was necessary to excavate the local water source. After the unexpected [cold] spring was excavated, a multitude of animals, particularly rabbits, were attracted to live there. As a result of this, the place was named “Rabbit Hole Hamlet” or “Bunnyville”.


Our brand logo, the “Bunny”, owes itself to this historical origin, and “cold spring water” has thus become the soul of our products.


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