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We are a company specializing in the production and supply of high-quality alcoholic beverages for the young generation. The origin of the brewery is located in Rabbit Pit, in the forgotten mountainous area of Taoyuan,  The winery was established in 2005 as the first-generation private winery.  The brand logo is a rabbit in a suit, so the industry is called rabbit wine. 


We rebuilt the winery in 2013, introduced the latest 20-junction continuous reflux distillation column (Reflux Column Still), and added hundreds of IOT Sensors to the equipment to precisely control the parameters of winemaking. The wines produced by this equipment range from From 2015 to now, it has won the Grand Prize in the World Spirits Competition for 5 consecutive years. 


Spring Vodka 40%   

   - Silver Medal at SFWSC World Spirits Competition for 5 consecutive years 

spring vodka 冷泉伏特加

Formosa Rum 40%    

  - Brewed with Taiwanese sugar cane molasses, the first bottle of MIT rum recognized in the world

Formosa Rum 福爾摩沙蘭姆酒

Palace Gin  Palace Gin 43%  

    - 2017 Double Gold SFWSC World Spirits Competition Champion Double Gold

Palace Gin 宮殿琴酒

Bunnyville Liqueur  


ponneville lychee wine,  Ponneville Pineapple, Ponneville Sanche, Ponneville Plum, Ponneville Mead, Ponneville Kumquat



「Bunnyville 龐尼維爾‧17號單一穀物威士忌」是紀念兔兔酒廠17年推出的第一瓶威士忌, 使用一次傳統壺型蒸餾加上第二次連續蒸餾器的蒸餾方式。柱狀蒸餾器加裝了獨一無二的控制 IC 晶片和幾百個自動感應器,並利用 AI 演算法科技精準去除甲醇與酒內雜質,醒酒快,酒體乾淨, 零負擔。經過美國新白橡木桶陳桶 5 年,口感層次豐富,是一瓶值得珍藏的好酒。


We are one of the top five distilleries in Taiwan known for various liquor brands: Spring Vodka, Formosa Rum, Palace Gin and Bunnyville Liqueurs. Our distillery is situated on a cold spring from which we draw our water source. Our cold spring water source gives our drinks their fresh, crisp and distinctive taste.

This cold spring was excavated on the mountainside of Taoyuan in 1940 during the Japanese occupation era. A coal mine was eventually developed in this area by the army and it was necessary to excavate the local water source. After the unexpected [cold] spring was excavated , a multitude of animals, particularly rabbits, were attracted to live there. As a result of this, the place was named “Rabbit Hole Hamlet” or “Bunnyville”.


Our brand logo, the “Bunny”, owes itself to this historical origin, and “cold spring water” has thus become the soul of our products.


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