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The so-called "PALACE GIN-Classic"  "Classic" is a wine made entirely for classic bartending.


The so-called classic models must be the best choice in terms of material selection. In addition to the aroma brought by Juniper Berry, the main raw material of "PALACE GIN", you can feel the special taste of Coriander Seed after taking the first sip. When you put the wine in your mouth, Liquorice It begins to spread in the mouth, and the final rhyme has the fragrance of lemon (Lemon Peel), which makes the mouth fragrant.


  The winemaker soaks the four selected raw materials in the purest original wine in sequence according to the taste ratio and different time parameters, and uses the pot distillation method to extract the wine head, wine heart and wine tail, and then hooks according to the aroma ratio. into this wine.


This wine is the best choice for making classic cocktails. The natural aroma of PALACE GIN-Classic itself, as long as you use the simplest Tonic, you can make a perfect Gin Tonic  .


Chinese name: Palace Gin Classic

Main ingredients: juniper berries, cold spring water

Capacity: 700ml

Alcohol concentration: 43%

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