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" Spring of Life "

Spring of Life, with an alcohol content of 80%, is an unflavored vodka purified by repeated distillation.


What makes it different is that it has 80% strong stamina and a soft and unique taste at the same time. Because it's so smooth, you can't feel the strong alcohol taste of 80% vodka, so be careful when drinking it to avoid overdose!


The Spring of Life can be used in cocktails, mixed drinks or special shots for added flavor or even on its own. Those who dare to try the Fountain of Life shot will find that it is far more smooth and delicious than European distilled vodka, because of the natural spring water and distillation and filtration technology we use.


Boldly drink this life experience and open your heart to Spring of Life.

Spring of life

Chinese name: Fountain of life

Main raw materials: wheat, water

Capacity: 500ml

Alcohol concentration: 80%

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