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In the pure wine body, there is not only high alcohol concentration, but a kind of praise and admiration for nature.


Vitality comes from the human heart, and moderate drinking is a way of knowing oneself and connecting with society. Only in a joyful and pleasant atmosphere can you taste the sweetest wine, and you can truly feel the kindness and love the world has for you.


Like Spring Vodka, the core spirit of the brand is mainly concerned with whether there is a strong vitality in the human heart, and this vitality can make the world a better place.


Just like in the process of brewing Spring Vodka, through the subtle changes of grain crops, it is known whether these grain crops have pleasant factors, coupled with the natural genes of natural spring water, the wine body is more energetic and life.

Spring Vodka

Chinese name: Cold Spring Vodka Silver Medal Award

Main raw materials: white winter wheat, cold spring water

Capacity: 100ml

Alcohol concentration: 40%

The Most Vigorous Vodka Brand

Four Features of SPRING VODKA Products >>>



After being blindly drunk by 41 internationally renowned judges, it has won the Silver Medal Award of the San Francisco World Spirits Competition for three consecutive years.


Vodka is the favorite taste of more than 60% of girls in Taiwan.


Brewed from natural cold spring, the taste is as fresh and smooth as spring water.


Twenty sections of continuous distillation equipment make the wine more pure.

how we make spring vodka
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