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London Dry Gin

"PALACE GIN" inherits the British royal family's wine list more than 200 years ago.  It has a strong character, and this character comes from the brewing of ten selected ingredients.


One of the most special raw materials is the Wendan skin produced by Taiwan Madou. Madou Wendan is one of the pomelo cultivars in the subtropical citrus, with a full and charming aroma. In addition to Taiwan's local Madou Wendan, it also contains nine traditional ingredients selected from around the world:


As soon as you open the bottle, you can feel the aroma of Cardamom and Juniper Berry, as if returning to the streets of London two hundred years ago, full of traditional British smells. After taking the first sip, you can feel the taste of Coriander Seed.


When you put the wine in your mouth, the special taste brought by Liquorice (Liquorice), almond (Almond) and cinnamon (Cassia) adds to the thickness of PALACE GIN itself, and the slightly spicy taste is produced by ginger (Ginger) odor.


Lemon Peel at the end  ) and Orange Peel  ), and finally the sweetness of pomelo (Pomelo) in your mouth. Such a familiar taste will definitely make you smile.


The way PALACE GIN is made is very complicated. In order to make the two hundred years of London  Dry Gin can reproduce its elegance. The winemaker soaks ten selected raw materials in the purest original wine in sequence according to the taste ratio and different time parameters, and uses the pot distillation method to extract the wine head, wine heart and wine tail. After distillation, no further flavors are added or processed, resulting in a unique palace gin.

PALACE GIN-London Dry Gin

Chinese name: Palace Gin/  Capacity: 100ml

Main ingredients: juniper berries, cold spring water/  Alcohol concentration: 43%

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