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In addition to the well-known vodka, Taiwanese brand Spring Vodka is deeply rooted in the love of young people. This year, it also launched a variety of fruit dessert wine series (mulberry wine, kumquat wine, lemon wine, mead, and plum wine). sensation. "Rabbit Wine" This rabbit has basically captured the wine pocket list of the younger generation.

In order to meet the needs of young people for wine, "Rabbit Wine" has launched the "Mini Rabbit" series, which makes people no longer need to think about buying wine. Small bottles are easy to carry. Buying small cans for early adopters first, and then buying large cans for free-flowing drinks has become the purchasing path for young generations when choosing alcoholic products.


 In addition to the undefeated "Cold Spring Vodka", even the five most popular fruit wine series have been shrunk, and even two "hidden version mini rabbits" have been launched


"Ponnyville Mulberry Wine" won the SFWSC Gold Award in the San Francisco Spirits Competition in 2018 this year. The taste and texture are very popular with young girls.


"Ponneville Plum Wine" is brewed with our own "Cold Spring Vodka" and green plums from Xinyi Township. The taste is different from ordinary plum wine, and it is cleaner and smoother.


"Ponneville Mead" is the number one sales of all dessert wine series, and has even become the first choice for many people's weddings. In ancient times, mead was a must-drink for newlyweds, representing a long and sweet marriage (wine). This style The wine won a Silver Medal at the 2017 San Francisco Spirits Competition SFWSC.


"Ponneville Kumquat Wine" has a fresh and refreshing taste. It is a must-have wine in summer. It is delicious for pure drinking or mixed drinking. It won the bronze medal in the 2018 San Francisco Spirits Competition SFWSC


 "Ponneville Lemonade" is a must-have wine for picnics and camping. The sweet and sour lemon flavor is hard to resist even for people who don't have the habit of drinking on weekdays.


"Ponneville Jasmine Green Tea Wine" is the hidden version of this wine, which makes many people frantically search for collections. Jasmine green tea with the aroma of wine, a perfect combination.


"58 Degree Sorghum" is the surprise version this time. For many people who want to try the flavor of Rabbit Kaoliang wine, start with a small bottle of Kaoliang wine. This sorghum liquor has won the SFWSC Gold Medal at the San Francisco Spirits Competition for two consecutive years.


The mini wine is not only easy to carry, but also decorated like a perfume bottle. Once it was launched on the market, many began to collect and buy it. The packaging of the stacked bottles is ingenious, and the top and bottom can be placed on each other, which not only does not take up space, but also is full of fun.


Now you can buy it in all the tobacco stores in Taiwan, as well as Carrefour and Eslite!
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