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Superior White  Rum

The oak aged superior white rum has been made from the finest Taiwan sugar cane to guarantee the best experience of tasting.”


This sentence, which is deeply embedded in our wine label, has fully presented this "FORMOSA ─Superior  White  Rum" is what he wants to present to the world.


The first rum that uses Taiwanese sugarcane as the main raw material and can compete with the world. The fermentation process uses Taiwanese sugarcane as the main raw material, undergoes a secondary pot distillation method, and is immersed in oak for aging to complete this Superior  White  Rum.


The passionate and unrestrained native character of this rum is completely in line with the raw material characteristics and feelings of this wine.

FORMOSA─Superior White Rum

Main raw materials: Taiwan sugar cane, cold spring water

Capacity: 100ml

Alcohol concentration: 40%

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