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Soju is a liquor with a deep history and tradition. It was first distilled in South Korea in the 13th century, and most soju brands today are made in South Korea.


Traditionally, soju is made from rice, wheat or barley, however many South Korean cheap soju uses artificial flavoring and sweeteners. Spring Soju shochu is brewed with traditional brewing methods and 100% natural rice and wheat, without adding any artificial flavors and sweeteners. The natural cold spring used in Spring Soju's shochu gives it a refreshing quality, with a lingering finish and a hint of taro sweetness. In particular, Spring Soju does not use taro as a raw material at all, but it has a distinct taro aroma when tasted.


Our brewery is located next to a temple, we believe this ingenious arrangement is a gift from God, and we hope you can share this blessing with us - the natural gift of Spring Soju's shochu.

Spring Soju

Chinese name: God's shochu

Main raw materials: rice, wheat, cold spring water

Capacity: 500ml

Alcohol concentration: 20%

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