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Spring of Alice 愛麗絲之泉

" Spring of Alice "

Spring of Alice is a natural taste vodka that is different from commercially available flavored vodkas. Most flavored vodkas are distilled to add their flavors, but Spring of Alice's flavors come from the fermentation process. Our brewers have specially prepared this uniquely flavored vodka, and you'll know it in just one sip.


From the aroma of taro, honey, vanilla and brown sugar at the beginning of the mouth to the faint signature fresh spring water at the back, Spring of Alice is suitable whether it is paired with a cocktail or tasted alone.


Today's bartenders are constantly looking for special wines that can make them unique. Spring of Alice is the bartender's dream product, which allows bartenders to create and imagine unrestricted. It's up to you how far you want to let your imagination fly!

Spring of Alice

Chinese name: Alice's Spring

Main raw materials: rice, wheat, cold spring water

Capacity: 500ml

Alcohol concentration: 40%

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