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The "PALACE GIN-Classic" is a gin made specifically for classic bartending.

Classic versions, like this one, prioritize optimal ingredient choices. Aside from the aroma provided by Juniper Berry, the primary ingredient in "PALACE GIN", you can also detect a distinct taste of Coriander Seed after the first sip. Upon tasting, the flavor of Liquorice begins to spread in your mouth, with the final note being a hint of Lemon Peel, leaving a refreshing taste.

The master distiller infuses the four selected ingredients into the purest base wine, following a specific taste ratio and time parameters. The pot distillation method is used to extract the head, heart, and tail of the wine, which are then blended according to aroma ratios.

This gin is the ideal choice for crafting classic cocktails. The natural aroma of PALACE GIN-Classic, when combined with the simplest tonic, can create a perfect Gin Tonic.


Main ingredients: juniper berries, cold spring water

Capacity: 700ml

Alcohol concentration: 43%

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