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Honey Wine

Bunnyville Mead is crafted from the orange blossom nectar of Nantou. This nectar, characterized by its light amber color, silky smooth texture, and subtle aroma of fresh orange peel, has been carefully selected by the winemaker after years of research, numerous visits to beekeepers, and meticulous testing of its sweetness, water content, and purity.

Every February and March, during the orange blossom season, beekeepers harvest the freshest honey. As honey production lessens each year, every drop of this wine becomes increasingly precious. With each sip of this sweet mead, you'll not only savor the rich bounty of the earth but also appreciate the land that provided it.

Bunnyville Mead is proud to have been awarded the Silver Medal at the 2017 San Francisco Spirits Competition, a testament to its internationally recognized flavor.


Main ingredients: water, honey

Capacity: 100ml

Alcohol concentration: 20%

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