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London Dry Gin

"PALACE GIN" inherits a British royal family's wine list that dates back over 200 years. It has a robust character derived from the brewing of ten carefully selected ingredients.

One unique ingredient is Wendan skin, produced in Taiwan. Wendan is a cultivar of subtropical citrus, boasting a rich and captivating aroma. In addition to Taiwan's local Wendan, PALACE GIN also incorporates nine traditional ingredients selected from around the world:

Upon opening the bottle, you'll experience the aroma of Cardamom and Juniper Berry, invoking the traditional British scents found on London's streets two centuries ago. The first sip reveals the taste of Coriander Seed.

As the wine lingers in your mouth, the unique flavors of Liquorice, Almond, and Cassia enrich the body of the PALACE GIN. A slightly spicy note is introduced by the scent of Ginger.

The finish offers the zestiness of Lemon Peel and Orange Peel, and finally, the sweetness of Pomelo lingers on your palate. This familiar taste will undoubtedly bring a smile to your face.

The production process of PALACE GIN is intricate. To replicate the elegance of London Dry Gin that dates back two centuries, the winemaker sequentially soaks the ten chosen ingredients in the purest original wine, adhering to specific ratios and time parameters. The column distillation method is used to extract the head, heart, and tail of the wine. No additional flavors are added or processed post-distillation, resulting in a unique PALACE GIN.

PALACE GIN-London Dry Gin

 Vol: 700ml

Main ingredients: juniper berries, cold spring water /

ABV: 43%

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