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Rabbit Vodka Gin Rum

We are a company specializing in the production and supply of high-quality alcoholic beverages for the young generation, and the brewery of the origin is located in the rabbit pit. The winery was established in 2005, and the brand trademark is a rabbit in a suit, so the industry is called "rabbit wine". "Rabbit Wine" has become one of the young generation's favorite spirits brands.

Our self-operated winery uses a fully electronically controlled 20-junction continuous reflux distillation column (Reflux Column Still), and introduces hundreds of IOT Sensors to accurately monitor the parameters of winemaking. Our high-quality wines have won the SFWSC and ISC World Spirits Competition for 5 consecutive years.

*Spring Vodka 40% (Winning Vodka at the World Spirits Competition for 5 consecutive years)

*Formosa Rum 40% (the first bottle of rum brewed with Taiwanese sugar cane molasses that can compete with the world)

*Palace Gin 43% (2017 World Champion Gin SFWSC Double Gold)

*Bunnyville Liqueur

I hope it is an honor to let you taste our carefully crafted treasures, you will witness its excellent taste and win your love for our wine products

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